Words Of Strength & How They Apply To Writing

Dan Alatorre - AUTHOR


Wow, another from Napoleon? Who knew he knew so much about writing?

How it applies to writing:

Don’t give up.

It’ll be hard. There will be days you want to stop. There will be pages of heart and soul and tears that get booed by critics.

In writing.

That people will see.

People you know.

But by not giving up, you commit to getting better.

Then you will learn from your mistake sand your talent will shine.

Unless you give up. Then it won’t. And you get to live with that just like you get to live with the success that comes from not giving up. Which do you prefer?

What crystal ball do you possess that tells you today is the day?

And what if you give up and tomorrow was the day???

Allison 2 will keep you guessing at every turn

Dan Alatorre is the author of several bestsellers and the amazingly great sci fi…

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