My Backyard: Leaf Season #inspiration

1topAutumn is truly a majestic time of the year in the Blue Ridge Mountains, and for the first time, today I felt the coolness of the fall season. Leaves scattered onto the ground as the wind whipped the dead ones from the trees’ branches.

A cold front is coming through today and we’ll get into the 30’s tonight. Time to get out the fuzzy pajama pants. The colorful leaves this year is only due to the cool nights because the days have been hitting 75 to 80 something degrees. Definitely not normal for this time of year.


It’s a special time of year, since my thirty-first wedding anniversary is also in a few days. Lee and I visited the mountains on our honeymoon and decided we wanted to live in what he calls God’s Country.

I shared a few images a year or two ago in my headers and I’m sharing more here now. I took these on the way home from work. As you can see on the two photos below, on one side of my house, we had blue skies and fluffy, white clouds gliding across the sky. On the other side, the sky held  dark, stormy clouds.

More Images:




My book, The Wedding Crasher, is set in the Blue Ridge Mountains during leaf season, located in our neighboring state of East Tennessee. Only $1.99 this month and will be lowered to 99 cents this weekend only. All sales for this book ends by the 29th.

Check out the book trailer for The Wedding Crasher.

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