Bad Week or What!

The Ravings of a MAD Woman:

Portrait of crazy business woman in glasses on white background.

Okay, I’m having a pity party today. I’m sitting here looking at a half screen or less on my computer. The total upper left of the screen is showing all colorful lines mixed with black and gray, hiding all my wonderful information beneath. Loving the screen size resolution on WordPress right now. Unfortunately, my email site doesn’t have this type of resolution when the screen is minimized. DH is getting ready to go to Best Buy to get me a cable so I can hook my laptop up to our 32 inch TV screen.


Worse than this, according to the way you look at it, is that my car started slipping on Wednesday evening on the way home from work, so I’ve been doing my day job stuff on my computer at home. DH took the car to the mechanic Thursday morning, and it was supposed to be fixed that afternoon, then it was to be fixed by Friday morning. The parts replaced didn’t work, so more parts were replaced and it’s still slipping. Bad news! I still don’t have my car back and I have training to provide next week at work. Looks like I’ll have to rent a car on Monday morning.

I hate it when things don’t work like they’re supposed to work. Before I finished this blog post, another portion of the screen went out and I thought I lost this post when I had to turn the computer off. Luckily, I didn’t. DH is finally back, and I’m looking at a full, large TV screen. The only problem, there’s too many cords. We can’t have everything but one thing is for sure, I have a wonderful husband.



7 thoughts on “Bad Week or What!

    • He is a good man. Spoils me rotten. I should give my brother-in-law a pat on the back too. He took my dh to the store since my car is in the shop and he’s going to take me to the car rental center in the morning too.

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