My Twitter Account Was Hacked, Now What?


hack-813290__340 Pixabay Well, aren’t we special?! It seems there’s an epidemic of Hackers running around wrecking havoc on all of us. Or, is it clowns? Guess it’s hard to tell the difference these days. Relax, I’m not going to discuss the obvious “hacking” incidences occupying the headlines. Instead, I’ll bite my tongue and explain what happens and the steps you need to take if you think your Twitter account has been hacked.

I began to notice a couple of weeks ago strange tweets coming across my timeline from people I didn’t know or follow. Some were blatantspammers, sending pictures of beating hearts, balloons, or invitations to get to know me better (if you get my drift). Other tweets had me questioning why I was receiving so many tweets in foreign languages that could not be translated. Initially,I deleted and blocked, but they seem to multiply like rabbits. It was not only…

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9 thoughts on “My Twitter Account Was Hacked, Now What?

  1. Good advice, all. One thing, though: TrueTwit has become such an annoyance to me and many people I know that we rarely comply with the demands now. If I try to follow someone/thing and get a demand to go through extra steps, my reaction is usually, I didn’t want to follow you THAT much, and I let it drop off. So, beware, if you become a TrueTwitter, you’re likely to lose a lot of potential followers.

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    • I’ve never had my Twitter account hacked but my Website was hacked. Hackers called Anonymous took my page off and replaced it with some stupid video that didn’t’ make sense to me. Luckily I only had to recreate my home page, everything was still there. I had to change all my passwords to both wordpress and my server.

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      • OMG, what a nightmare. I’d be in a panic if my website were hacked. I didn’t even realize that could be done. So ridiculous that someone would stoop that low! Glad you got it all straightened out.

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      • Luckily my server person had been through it a few times with her own websites. I had downloaded a bunch of wordpress themes through a company the server worked through and that seems to be how they got access. Fantico or something like that. Anonymous does it just because they can but at least they didn’t plant a virus or anything like that. Some people don’t have anything better to do.


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