How Many Books a Year Could You Write/Publish if It Was Your Career?

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OK 3.5 readers.

If writing was your one and only job, you get up, write all day, then stop at the end of the day (say you were putting in an 8 hour day) – how many books do you think you could get out a year?

I just feel like I’m bouncing off of a wall.  I’d really like this to be my career but it takes so long.  Here I am, almost another year down and still no published book.

I work. I come home. I’m tired. My weekends end up filled with all of the life sustaining stuff, it is so slow going.

I’m an overachiever. I’m not happy with the “oh well I just like to write for the sake of writing.”

I’ve heard all kinds of theories about this and I realize it also depends on the substance.

If you’re writing a critically acclaimed prize…

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4 thoughts on “How Many Books a Year Could You Write/Publish if It Was Your Career?

  1. Good post over there. I wish I could write full-time. I’ve been averaging 1 book and 1 novella a year with a full-time job. I think if I wrote full-time I could probably manage 2 books a year and maybe a novella. If only retirement were closer, LOL!

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    • Me too. I work full time and last year I was very productive. Released 1 novel, 4 novellas, and 3 short stories, and wrote 0 of anything this year. I started a new novel last year during Nanowrimo and hope to finish it this year during the same. However, last year, the novel was finished the year before, 2 of the novellas were completed, but I edited, lengthened and re-released. The short stories were sitting on my computer gather cyber dust, so I edited and released those. So I only wrote 2 novellas from scratch.

      This year, I re-released my Suspicious Minds novel in March but it was already written and I didn’t even edit it. And I re-released a short story that was free at the publisher. I did edit the first two novellas again after having them evaluated and improved them. I released combinations of my Lana Malloy series formatted and released the novellas in paperback.

      Oh, I put together the two multi-author anthologies with my critique partners and released them in ebook and paperback, created the covers, created the book trailer for The Wedding Crasher, and created two book covers for upcoming releases. I helped a friend self-publisher her book and created two more covers for a friend. I also edited a short story I planned to release but it looks like it will be a two part short story or a novella as it is getting pretty long for a short story. I had it evaluated and there were multiple things that need expanded on. Already at 8K.

      So, I guess did do something publishing-wise,but it just wasn’t much in writing. I’m a creative procrastinator. I hope to release at least 1 novel and a novella next year.

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      • You sound extremely busy to me, Kim, and I think editing can be as time consuming as writing. I think as writers we often just look at the finished product (how many books did I produce) but there is so much more that goes into them….and then all of the promotion. It’s a wonder we ever get to sleep, LOL.

        I’d say you’re doing great!

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      • You’re right. Everything with publishing is time-consuming. I’m lucky enough to be a DIYer, able to create websites, book covers, and book trailers myself. If I had to pay someone, I would be in trouble. I already spend more than I make with my writing. Promotion is so hard and time-consuming. Writing a book is easier than writing ads.

        I do tend to look at the finished product. My husband is an artist and he likes to show me his art during the process and I tell him, “Just show it to me when it’s finished.” 😀


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