The Writer’s Sneaky Writing Session #SundayBlogShare #WritersLife #AmWriting



Photo Credit: StockSnap.

Loved ones think you are busy ironing, cleaning the toilet, scrubbing floors or tidying the house. Half an ago, you crept off into the garden for a sneaky writing session. Gasp!

There is something magical about disappearing for a bit(undefined time period – to a writer this can mean a good half hour, an hour or even a couple of hours) to write.

It can feel so naughty and mischievous. I guarantee that whatever you manage to frantically scribble in secret will be amazing!

There are several stages:

  1. Cinderella Stage.You are busy doing household chores and seriously considering renaming yourself Cinderella! In view of the jobs that you have to do around the house there is zerochance of you getting to write today. It pains you to think that you won’t get to release some of your creative frustration or spend some quality…

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