No one said it would be easy…

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I should have realized writing a series wouldn’t be all wine and roses, but I didn’t expect to panic during the process.

There are several times I’ve had novels with characters I thought I could spin off into a series, but it never quite happened. Then I wrote a book and proposed a series to my publisher. That was something I’d never done before. Usually, I write a manuscript, and then submit it. This time I submitted one book and indicated I had ideas for two more. As a result I received my first three-book contract—complete with deadlines for two novels that were still in the “vague idea” stage.

Was I game? Uh, yeah—no-brainer. But, easy? Let’s just say I’ve been through a learning curve.

As an author, I normally start a book with character outlines for my main players, a sketchy outline of the primary plot and—in the case…

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