How To Make Lemonade When Writing Gives You Lemons #MondayMotivation #MondayBlogs



Photo Credit: Stocksnap.

When writing gives me lemons; painful episodes of writer’s block, dull characters, sagging plots, confidence issues, negative feedback and a head full of creative demons – I make lemonade!

I have made so much lemonade recently with my writing lemons that I am actually getting quite good at it.

Here is how I make lemonade when writing gives me a bitter taste of lemon:

  1. Yoga. I swear Yoga is magical. It seems to realign the cogs in my head. After 15 minutes of some Downward Facing Dog, High Planks, Low Planks and Warrior Poses I feel a lot better and I get a boost of positivity.
  2. Meditation. This clever exercise clears the mind. It calms me down and gives me focus. I wish I had discovered this last year when writing gave me some serious lemons.
  3. Gratitude. I practice writing gratitude. I think about all the things…

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