How To Write a Compelling Title For Your Book


5 thoughts on “How To Write a Compelling Title For Your Book

  1. My debut novel is a MG/YA Paranormal romance entitled “I Kissed a Ghost.”

    To arrive at this title I merely kept on summarizing the story until I had enough words to form a decent title.

    My second book is entitled “Micro Fiction – An Anthology” which contains 100 Flash Fictions.

    I’ve got two WIPs with confirmed working titles:
    An adult Contemporary Romance novel = “His Darkest Secret”
    MG/YA Urban Fantasy = “The Secret of the Well.”

    As you can see, in using the same approach for coming up with the all the titles, you’re already getting a sense of what the story inside the book is about.

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    • I like that. My titles usually show up inside the book. With my paranormal mystery series, I think all do except the first one, but the first title sums up the ghosts’ problem, and the title shows up in the blurb. Book 1 Haunted Hearts. If their murders aren’t solved they will remain Haunted Hearts.

      In book 2, the ghost writes “Get Out or Die” in the fog of the bathroom mirror about the middle of the book.

      Lana is called “The Wedding Crasher” in a newspaper article at the end of book 3.

      The title “Christmas Cruise” shows up near the beginning of book 4 as a Christmas present they purchased for themselves.

      For my two romantic suspense books, one of my critique partner’s asked me why my characters were so suspicious and thus the title became “Suspicious Minds” after going through a couple of other working titles (first one was “Deception” which I learned was overused and the second was “Now or Never” which never really stuck for me).

      “All This Time” is based on an old boyfriend who becomes a best friend romance and then a husband. In that he was right there “All This Time” and it shows up near the end of the book.

      Sometimes it’s a process of elimination between multiple titles. I always look on Amazon to see if the title is overused before keeping it.

      I have a story I’m working on now about a woman who went through early menopause and desperately wants a child. I’m titling it “Love’s Endurance”

      Some of my short story titles are also in the stories. I know “In His Arms” is for sure. I’m pretty sure “A Dream Come True” is but I can’t remember if the other two are or not.


      • Thanks, Robin. The story is about her wanting a child but more about the struggle and the strain it puts on their marriage. In other words, can their love endure what comes type thing. I also found a nice quote to go with it:

        Love bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things.
        1 Corinthians 13:7 (ESV)


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