EDITING 101: 03 – THAT’s the Problem in Revising…

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Originally posted as the Dun Writin’—Now Whut? series on this blog, EDITING 101 is a weekly refresher series for some of you and brand new for others.

Courtesy of Adirondack Editing

THAT’s the Problem in Revising

What’s the problem?”

That’s the problem.”



I don’t get it.”

That’s the problem.”

Sound like the old “Who’s on first” routine? Extraneous words that make a writer’s work bulky need to be eliminated. But how can you eliminate words that you don’t even see? That’s the problem, and that is one of those words that can usually be cut. Dialogue that is casual regularly contains many incidences of that word, but when it comes to writing, that can usually be deleted.

Are you still confused? If a sentence is understandable without “that” in it, take it out.

Example: “She told him that she was leaving” reads just fine…

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2 thoughts on “EDITING 101: 03 – THAT’s the Problem in Revising…

  1. Kim, I appreciate your sharing of the information from the various blogs you follow. Thank you. I have begun to follow CHRIS THE STORY READING APE’S BLOG and I’ve caught up with the missed editions of Editing 101. A ‘thank-you’ to Chris and Susan, as well!

    Liked by 1 person

    • You’re welcome, Linda! I’m happy you’re enjoying the posts. I love sharing information helpful to authors. Love Chris’s blog but I’ve gotten behind on that one. There are so many great how-to articles and I try to find the ones that are helpful.

      Nicholas Rossis has just released a book “Emotional Beats” that you may want to check out. The book is on sale for 99 cents and I picked up up a copy the other day to read and keep as a reference book. He is also planning to post one chapter per week to his blog. I hope to reblog them here as well.


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