Tips for Creating a Compelling Plot #wrtr2wrtr #amwriting

Words Can Inspire the World


Except for some select experimental works, every piece of fiction requires a story, or plot.  The complexity of this plot is determined by both the writer and the genre.  For example, a thriller is always plot-driven, requiring an intricate story with twists and unexpected complications, while a literary novel can center on a much more straightforward plot that is subservient to character, language, and theme.  No matter the genre, however, the story is what draws the reader into the writer’s fictional world.  I’ve provided a few guidelines to help you succeed with your story.

1.  Plot is all about conflict, and conflict is all about denial. Know what your protagonist wants, and throw in obstacles that prevent him from attaining it.  Without a sustainable conflict, a story becomes boring.

2.  Choose a story that interests you, not one that you create because you think it will sell.  It’s…

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