5 Most Overused Science Fiction Tropes (and why it’s okay for you to use them)

Hall & Beaulieu

One of my favorite meals on planet earth (or any other planet I’ve been to) is a great filet mignon with mushrooms and red wine reduction. What is better? What is a more cliche romantic dinner? There is a reason it’s a cliche. Because it is amazing and loved by millions.

I want to pose the unpopular argument that tropes/cliches in writing can fall under the same umbrella. There’s a reason they are popular. Because people can relate to them or because it speaks to the humanity in us all.

1) All alien races are superior to humans.

First of all, even though this is often sited in this manner, the word ALL is unfair. Look at the piggies in Orson Scott Card’s Speaker for the Dead.

However, this speaks to our wonder and amazement as people looking into the stars. What kid hasn’t laid on the grass looking…

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