When writing becomes an obsession – to understand a writer #amwriting

G.L. Cromarty

I was watching the movie Capote at the weekend. It was after a long day of painting the house, and at the tail end of a week-off -work where I had done nothing but paint, so I was shattered and only half-way interested in the movie when my husband put it on.

It had won a number of awards and swiftly captivated me—as good movies generally do. It tells the story of the writer Truman Capote, and how he became obsessed with a particular writing project, and how it consumed him and ultimately left a profound scar on his life. It was a great movie, and not just the acting or because the main character was a writer, although that certainly helped. If you get a chance it is worth watching.

The movie got me thinking, as a good movie often does.

My first observation was the level of obsession a writer…

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