New Feminist Science Fiction Series Appeals to Readers of All Ages


Like most kids her age, seven-year-old Cheobawn spends most of her day lost in her own world, imagining ways to defy her parents. Unfortunately her parents are a coven of mind-reading, gene-splicing priestesses intent on building a futuristic Utopia on a savage planet.

And you thought your childhood was rough.

Black Bead, by JD LakeyAuthor J.D. Lakey re-released her series of science fiction novels, The Black Bead Chronicles, starting in January 2016. This riveting series of books features revised and expanded content — including maps and glossaries — as well as redesigned covers and interiors. Books one and two, Black Bead and Bhotta’s Tears, released in January of 2016, and book three, Spider Wars, came out in April 2016. The  remaining two novels in the series will be releasing in the Fall of 2016 and the Spring of 2017.

Fans of science fiction of all ages are raving about the series…

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