Can Twitter Hashtags Grow Your Following?

Allison Maruska

I almost didn’t write on this topic because a couple other bloggers have and have done it well (@EmilyFRussell and @prnancarrow, for example). So what do I have to add?

Twitter_logo_blueI finally went for it because twice in as many days, writer friends have asked me what hashtags to use on Twitter to share stuff. Plus, maybe my take is a little different than Emily’s or Paula’s. Probably is, seeing as we’re, you know, different people.

Before I start listing hashtags, let’s address the question – can they grow a following (blog, twitter, or otherwise)?


Depends on how you work it.

Hashtags are categories. They attach your tweet to the group under that hashtag, so parties interested in that category can see your tweet. No hashtag, and only your followers can see the tweet. 

That’s important – if you have 500 followers, and you tweet…

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