What makes for a unique story?

Jean's Writing

Some people would argue that there are lots and lots of things.

But today I learned it once again boils down to the characters.

Last week I talked about writing real-life characters who walk and talk like flesh and blood. But how just how do I breathe life into a character? By showing they react to a situation and what makes them special and unique. That is what turns an ordinary cliche of a  story such as boy meets girl into an authentic book that only I can write.

cornelia funke quote

Stay with me.

We all know, or should by now; there is nothing new under the sun. Every story has a basic foundation such as boy meets girl, love triangle, murder mystery, space aliens, super humans save the planet, a journey or quest. Well, you get the idea.

If all stories, like a good cake, have the same basic ingredients, what…

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