Do you know how to develop believable characters?

Jean's Writing

I confess, I don’t – not always.

Sometimes, just when I think I’ve written a real-life character who walks and talks like flesh and blood, boom I’ve created Frank.frankenstein-monster-983567_640

You know, that pieced together, patch quilt looking monster that walks like he’s got a stick up his ass. Right, that Frank.

I’m in the beginning stages of a new YA novel, I hope. And fleshing out the characters is more of a challenge that I anticipated.

Back to the drawing board, I opened Scrivener and studied my character sheets.paper-dolls-14611_640 Paper dolls, that’s the word that popped in my mind. Row after row of paper dolls.
Reading my story, I went over the tips for writing believable characters.

  • Show don’t tell, check.check-40319_640
  • Place characters in a situation that reveal and move plot, check.
  • Reveal more and more about characters as the story goes along, check.

So what was I missing? The answer…

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