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You Promised Me Forever by Lizabeth Scott

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Nominate You Promised Me Forever for Amazon Kindle Scout!

I’d like to welcome our visitor today, Lizabeth Scott. Liz writes sweet and funny contemporary romance with what she says has a bit of sizzle and steam to them. Her six book Royal Vow Series focuses on the Royal SuMartra family and each son’s struggle to find their special someone. The Hearts of Gold Series deals with the Gold sister triplets and the antics they go through to find the man of their dreams. Book 3, A Cowboy for Mary will be out later this year.

Today I’d like to chat with Lizabeth about her current work, You Promised Me Forever which is enrolled in Amazon’s Kindle Scout program where readers decide the books they’d like to read. I’m not very familiar with this program so I thought it would be great to ask Liz how it works.

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Welcome, Liz!

Thanks so much for talking with me today. You’ve already told me a little about You Promised Me Forever and I must say, I am fascinated with the premise of this story.

Thank you. Nic and Will certainly took me on a roller coaster ride of emotions the entire time I was writing their story.

Can you explain Kindle Scout for those of us unfamiliar with the program?

I’d be happy to. I think Kindle Scout does for authors what American Idol does for singers. AI gives up and coming singers a chance to be in front of a large audience where they’re voted on by the public with the winner receiving a recording contract. Amazon Scout allows an author’s work to be seen by a large group of readers who after reading the book’s premise and first 5,000 words, decide if the book interests them and should receive a publishing contract.

Readers do this by nominating the book during its 30-day campaign. The more nominations a book receives the better the books chances are of being noticed by Scouts. Kindle Press (which is what Amazon’s imprint is called) is looking for marketable titles that garner a lot of interest from readers during those 30 days.

Once you click the “Nominate Me” button you’ll be taken to your nomination dashboard. You can have 3 books on your dashboard at one time. If the book is still on your dashboard at the end of the books campaign, and the book is chosen by Kindle Press to be published, then you’ll get a free early copy of the book before it goes live on Amazon.

Kindle Scout Nominee

Tell us some about this book. I love second chance at love stories. Maybe some secret backstory tidbits.

Hum, let me think. Well, I didn’t realize this was a second chance book till my manuscript evaluator used that term. That was a lightbulb moment for me. And the series is named after an actual town near where I grew up, Dirty Ankle. I just moved Dirty Ankle to Alaska. I hope the townsfolk didn’t notice!

Here’s the books blurb.

Cover as iPadBLURB: As a young child, Nicole didn’t understand why her parents left her. She awaited their return for years until she grew old enough to understand they never would.

As a young adult, she didn’t understand why William, the boy next door made her feel safe and loved and then made her promises he had no intention of keeping.

Broken and questioning everything about her life, Nicole discovers strength she never knew she had. She leaves everything behind to heal and to search for peace and understanding. What she finds is that Nicole had to disappear so Sugar could emerge and be strong enough for both of them to survive.

How can we nominate your book?

It’s very simple to nominate a book. As long as you have an Amazon account, you go to www.kindlescout.amazon.com You Promised Me Forever is listed under romance. While you’re there, you can scout books in other categories and nominate up to three. This is the direct link to You Promised Me Forever if you want to go right to my page: Nominate You Promised Me Forever for Amazon Kindle Scout!

Nominate You Promised Me Forever for Amazon Kindle Scout!

What if you book isn’t accepted into the Scout Program?

Good question! You’re correct, You Promise Me Forever may not be accepted. I myself have nominated amazing books that haven’t been accepted. If that happens then I’m going to have one killer book release in July! I’m excited to share this story with you, whether through the Scout program or by myself.

I hope now that you know a little about the Scout Program you’ll support Indie authors nomination campaigns on a regular basis.

Thank you so much for being here today Liz, and for giving us a glimpse inside your career as an Indie author. I wish you much success with You Promised Me Forever. I’m going to click on that nomination button as soon as we finish today!

I invite everyone to check this story out at the link below, decide for yourself. Is it worth a publishing contract? It’s up to you.

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Nominate You Promised Me Forever for Amazon Kindle Scout!

Author Links

Subscribe: http://bit.ly/1QkElux
Website: http://www.lizabethscottbooks.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/LizabethScottAuthor
Twitter: https://twitter.com/LScottBooks
Blog: http://lizabethscottauthor.blogspot.com
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/lizabethscottauthor
Tumblr: http://lizscottbooks.tumblr.com
Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.com/lizabeth
Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/author/show/8122729.Lizabeth_Scott
Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/Lizabeth-Scott/e/B00UK8AGG0/ref=ntt_dp_epwbk_0

Nomination Link: https://kindlescout.amazon.com/p/3BSZV412L6849

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    • You’re welcome, Liz! Definitely my pleasure. Good luck. It looks like you’re doing great on the Kindle Scout site–still listed as Hot! Keep it up. After they publisher your book, I’d be interested to know the benefits for you personally publishing through this venue.


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