Book Review: “Son of My Father – A Family Dynasty” by Peggy Hattendorf

About The Authorpeggy

Peggy Hattendorf spent most of her life in Southern California where she met her husband in college and raised their family. With a Master’s Degree in Human Services, she served as a senior executive in a number of name recognized non-profit organizations where she composed and created technical and operational handbooks for staff and volunteers before applying the same skill set to the travel and leisure industry.

The venture in the travel industry spanned more than twenty years and encompassed owning a number of travel management companies. This led to the co-founding of a marketing consortium for small full service and cruise travel agencies as well as independent contractors – with annual sales over $180 million. She negotiated the travel product contracts with the major suppliers for the nationwide network of more than 5000 sellers of travel. In addition, she wrote daily travel advisories and supplier updates. Her bi-weekly e-news column called Peggy’s own perspectives (POP) encompassed general travel information, personal travel choices and news on the industry.

She has lived in New York, Austin, San Francisco, San Diego and Los Angeles.

“Son of My Father – A Family Dynasty” is her first novel. Currently she is working on the sequel.

sonAbout The Book

It was always “Father” never “Dad.” The love and respect was manifest so was the distance – the distance not as evident. Christiana Lynn Barrington’s life was a carefully constructed world built, presented and controlled by her billionaire father, Jonathan Robert Barrington.

She never knew anything else.

Frequently, she wondered if her father had wished to have had a son instead of a daughter but never posed the question.

Maybe she was afraid of the answer.

As the only child of Jonathan and Elizabeth Matthews Barrington, she was the heir apparent to the behemoth Barrington Holdings International.

But a threat to her hard-earned succession waits in the shadows ready to take everything she’s worked for away from her.

My Review

Entertaining, Interesting, and Intriguing

Son of My Father is about a wealthy powerful family, their business, and the pressures put on a strong young daughter to live up to her father’s company ideals and values. I enjoyed the story as it was very entertaining and interesting. The characters are well-developed and the story line intriguing.

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