Post-Writing/Pre-Beta Readers and Trauma

The Long and Short Stories of Life

office girl She isn’t me, but she illustrates, perfectly, how I feel right about now.

I got a bit of encouragement yesterday from one of the board members of a book club I belong to (Oh, heck! It’s Rave Reviews Book Club). Anyway, he (John Fioravanti—name dropping again) reminded me that he is awaiting the publication of my book.

(Dancing, dancing, dancing in my seat!) This was very heartwarming because John is a published author and he was taking time to remind me that I’m not alone. Other writers have also been encouraging and supporting me by tweeting that my book is coming! That is so humbling, so daunting, and so AWESOME!

That said, let me tell you where I stand.

Yesterday, I leapt up from my chair after writing my last sentence, and declared to the world, “I’m done!” There would have been cause for much celebration if those words had been…

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