The Emotional Highs & Lows of a Pantser #writers #writing


Reasons Why Writing Pantser Style is Like Walking in Enchanted Wood-2

A pantser is a writer who writes through the unknown, which means they don’t plan or plot anything. They just sit down and write whatever comes into their head.

The opposite to a pantser is a plotter. This writer likes control and they like to know where they are going with a story. They plot and plan every scene, chapter and story thread.

As I am an outrageous and wild pantser here are the emotional highs & lows of a pantser:

The highs…

  • Starting a story. Pantsers love starting stories. Sitting down to start writing a story is like entering a strange and enchanted forest for Pantsers. It is an exciting time as they don’t know what they will find on their writing journey. They might find literary magic or they might find literary beasties, but they don’t care as it is the thrill of the unknown that puts a…

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