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Hello, bloggers!!

I am pleased to share my blog today with fellow RRBC MemberAuthor Mae Clair! Mae is on an exciting blog tour, presented by 4WillsPublishing. We are celebrating her book, A THOUSAND YESTERYEARS.

Please join me today in showering Mae with some incredible support, that is so deserving!! (Because she’s kind of an awesome RRBC Supporter!  😉

Old Hotels and Ghosts by Mae Clair

Although I am a huge fan of folklore and urban legends, things of the supernatural variety freak me out. When it comes to ghosts, I keep my distance. You’ll never catch me taking ghost tours, engaging in séances or consulting mediums. Somehow though, I’ve ended up staying at a haunted hotel—twice. The first time was on a trip to Nevada. I later discovered the hotel was haunted by a ghost named Mary. Fortunately, she didn’t make an appearance.

The second…

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