How to write in your own unique, exciting and special voice

Jean's Writing

Just peel down your undies and let your freaky self, fly free!

That’s where you’ll find your writing voice.

We all copy other famous writers. That’s how we learn to write. 

Why? because horror writer’s want to write like King, romance like Michell and if you’re into vamps none other better to copy than Rice. At some point, a writer must find our own voice.

But sooner or later we all have to just be me. The reader wants to see who is behind the curtain in Oz.

How and where do we find this so called voice?

Down deep when we think no one is watching, that’s where.

Late in the night when we don’t give a damn what anyone thinks we write. 

Ever had someone say, “That person sounds just like you.”

Of course, you are outraged because it’s your crazy Aunt Matilda going on about some nutter…

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