The Hostess with the Mostess – That’s Rave Reviews Book Club (#RRBC)

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Any club is only as good and strong as its members, and Rave Reviews Book Club (RRBC) has the best and most supportive members than anywhere I’ve seen in my more than 20 years as an aspiring author and author. In April of last year, after reading an interview article about Nonnie Jules, the president and founder, I was so impressed. I feel the same way today as I did then. When I first went to the site, it was to find out how to get book reviews. What I found was a book club and so much more, although, I didn’t know that at the time. After browsing through their site, I joined for only $25, renewable in a year.

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Shortly after, actually the very next day, I had hundreds of tweets and retweets welcoming me to RRBC. I was blown away and I felt so special. In the welcoming package from the president, Nonnie Jules, which was straight forward (honest and frank) as is what I’ve learned to be typical Nonnie, I was advised that you get what you put into the club. If you’re supportive, the members will support you back and you become eligible for club benefits.

Soon after joining, I was named Member of the Week, and four months after, my book, Haunted Hearts, was chosen as book of the month. In October, I received second place in a short story contest which included great prizes including an ad on Rave Waves Radio. I’d taken those words, “you get what you give” to heart and jumped in with both feet being as supportive as I knew how. That’s only three of the ways that RRBC Profiles, Promotes, and Propels their members.

Each month, three books are chosen as Books of the Month (BOM). The members get credit for reading and reviewing those books, but you’re not forced to read or review all three books each month. It’s your choice. You are expected to read and review 4 book club members’ books each year and 2 of those are required to be Books of the Month. So you have a choice to read 2 books out of 36 BOM books for the year and then 2 more out of at least hundreds of books listed on the site’s catalog pages. Also each month, there’s a Member of the Month is chosen. Twice a month, a Spotlight Author is chosen. Each week, there’s a Member of the Week and a #PushTuesday member honored. I’m sure I’m forgetting something so you should browse the site to find out for yourself by starting here and joining here. Make sure to check out How We Profile, Promote, & Propel.

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Besides reading and reviewing 4 books a year, you’re asked to support the members. This is normally done by retweeting and FBing them when they post with the RRBC hash tag, visit blogs and comment/like them, like Facebook pages, etc. The more ways you can think of to show your support of the other members, the more you’re supported as a member.

Before RRBC, I didn’t use Twitter much although I’d been a member since 2010, and I only had somewhere between 300 and 500 followers. I now have 3,429 followers which I contribute to joining RRBC. I tweet and retweet regularly and support in other ways if I don’t fall asleep after the day job.

Like I’ve said many times, RRBC is the best. We’re like a large family who support and genuinely care for one another. You can’t get that type of kinship just anywhere. They’re not perfect. No club is but I believe RRBC is as close as you can get.

Join today and start reaping the rewards.

1RRBC Badge

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