Book Review – Haunted Hearts

Dawn Delivers

Thanks to the wonderful Rave Reviews Book Club I am discovering many new books and authors I might never have discovered before… and here is another one

My latest read was Haunted Hearts (#1: A Lana Malloy Paranormal Mystery) by Kim Cox

HauntedHeartsBook Blurb: Will Lana Malloy solve the twenty-year-old double murder of her great aunt and her great aunt’s fiancé by Memorial Day? If she can, they’ll spend eternity together; if she can’t, they’ll be stuck as Haunted Hearts for another year.

Rating: 4/5

My thoughts: This is the first of Kim Cox’s books I have read and although it’s only short (described as a novella) it’s a lot of fun.

This light hearted read follows a new Private Investigator Lana Malloy on her first case – to find the killer of her great aunt and her fiancé . Unlike most murder investigations Lana has the added…

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