Are you a late blooming success story?

Jean's Writing

Do you think age and experience help with the creative process?

I do!

We’ve all heard the old saying, “Age is just a number.” Usually it’s said by some young, smart ass who doesn’t know a thing about dealing with arthritis, gray hair, forgetting where they left the car keys, or retirement. But hey, one day they’ll understand. 

However, writing is one thing that is not regulated to the young. Not like skiing, swing dancing, or any of the other crazy things our knees let us enjoy in our 20’s.

No, writing is only limited by our imagination. I believe age can enhance imagination from interesting to downright bizarre. Not to mention we have more time to write. 

I wrote an article about writing advice last week, today I’d like to give my readers, and myself, a piece of advice. As with walking, we place one foot in front of the other to begin a journey. So…

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