Do you need help with structure?

This is very helpful. I’m also a panster but do start with an idea and short synopsis. This will come in handy. Thank you, Jean.

Jean's Writing

I do! And I’m still learning how to outline a story with a structure that doesn’t collapse at the first strong wind of criticism.


Have you ever loved a story, but wondered why no one else did?

sad-674811_640Me too.


I’m a pantster. Nothing better than sitting down and letting my muse loose on the keyboard. Too bad, writing by stream of consciousness often ends, as do most streams, into a raging uncontrollable river. And where do rivers end? Into a vast ocean, that’s where.

Then after spending hours, days and sometimes months writing thousands of words, all I can do is try not to drown amid the ocean of a rambling story. So I give up and decide to fix it another day. I’ve no idea how this happened.

Does any of this sound familiar?

I’ve begun to fear; my problem may be lack of structure.

If you’re a pantster, don’t…

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