A Pirate’s Dozen Decrees for Self-Editing

Dan Alatorre

To celebrate the upcoming season of Black Sails (what? You aren’t watching Black Sails???) I asked friend of the blog and editor extraoidinaire Julia Willson stop by to share some helpful insights about editing yourself – and she doesn’t mean holding your tongue at parties!

Enjoy these helpful tips!


Before you ask, AYE—pirates write, too. Vivid tales of life at sea, buried treasure, and cannonball battles. The occasional drunken poetry. And limericks, lots of limericks.

So they are well-qualified to weigh in on the topic of self-editing.

As to your next question: “Blimey! I’m a mighty pirate. Why would I need to edit my own words? Isn’t that what the scurvy editor is for? Why am I shelling out all these doubloons then?”

Well, imagine that your pirate ship is in need of repair. All those cannonballs and rough weeks at sea have taken a toll. Prior to enlisting the…

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