Meet Nonnie Jules!

Lizzie Chantree

‘100 things we all wonder about Nonnie Jules,’ blog tour.


Today I am introducing you to a wonderful author and all round inspiring woman, Nonnie Jules! Each blog host on her tour will house 5 questions on their blog about Nonnie Jules, so that we can all find out more about her. She has at least three new releases out this year, so it is a great time to discover her work.

Now, if you’re an author, a reader, or anyone who enjoys being part of a book club, you may have heard of #RRBC, The Rave Reviews Book Club, of which Nonnie is president. She tirelessly promotes and champions other authors, so it is fantastic that she can now sit back, maybe enjoy a delicious coffee or glass of wine while others do the same for her! The club is full of all things literary, fun and absolutely everything regarding authors and readers having a chance to discover new work and support…

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