Do you have trouble with those first lines?

Jean's Writing

The opening line, the opening paragraph, the opening chapter.


That’s what I struggle with, the opening. Sometimes I write and rewrite it so many times it goes from bad to worse. But I don’t give up.

I’m striving for opening words that will entice and seduce the reader. In other words, the opening must “kick ass” to keep the reader’s attention.

mule-28881_640Kick who? What?

How many times have you started a conversation with a friend that went something like, “Wait until you hear this,” or “You aren’t going to believe what so-in-so did,” or maybe “Oh my God, listen to what just happened.”

Your friend probably held their breath as they waited for the rest of the salacious story. 

That’s the response I want when I start a story. 

So, what’s the best way to start your story?

Only you can answer that question, but whatever you decide, remember it’s an invitation to the reader.

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