Writing Tip – Organizing Your Novel

Author Kelly Abell

Many readers have asked me how I get started on writing a novel, so I thought I would share my process with you. Each author has their own method on what works for them, so there is no right or wrong way. But if you’re struggling, maybe these tips will be helpful.

There are “outliners” vs. “pantsers” in the writing world. A “pantser” is a writer who writes “by the seat of their pants” or goes with the flow. They enjoy the freedom of seeing what happens as they go along. An “outliner” is someone who outlines their book knowing the flow ahead of time. “Outliners” feel this gives them a structure for their muse and keeps them on track.

I am a little of both. I build a brief outline, and then as I’m writing if the characters hijack the bus and take the journey in a different direction, then so…

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