Looking good -10 simple tips for adding images

Sue Vincent's Daily Echo

orange roseWe are living in an age where visual impressions seem to matter more and more. Images clamour for our attention, the flashing screens that occupy so much of our time both at work and at home carry everything from business to knowledge and entertainment. Whatever grabs out attention will have a distinct advantage over less visual presentations, from the book cover to the advert… regardless of the quality behind the brightly coloured façade.

It makes perfect sense, then, when we are told that adding an image to a post is a good idea. A post, update or tweet with an image will get, depending on your source, up to twice as much attention and engagement than its equivalent without, and it takes little thought to realise that blogs requiring little or no reading, but which focus mainly on images are easy to ‘like’, follow and share.

What if your blog…

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