Don’t you just love it, when you “get it”?

Jean's Writing

Me too!

Thanks to J.A. Stinger for sending me to a new blogger, at least new to me, for another light bulb moment.

I’ve been a member of Amazon Associates for years. I’ve never understood how to use it. Now don’t y’all get all uppity on me, I’m sure there are a few things that has confounded you over the years. Well, back to my issue with Amazon Associates. Since I couldn’t figure out how to link anything to my blog with the Associates link, I just forgot about it. Until today when I read J.A.’s blog and followed her link to for the rest of the story.

Folks, this is why reblogging is so important.

As I read and then reread Ana’s post a second time the pieces clicked into place and I finally got it. 

puzzle-654958_640When I’d finished, I went a bit further and discovered a couple of tricks of…

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