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Recently we talked about mailing lists, and one method of using a mailing list is for a newsletter. To see that post, click HERE.

We shoot pretty straight here.

We rolled out the newsletter after “teasing” it to you for a few days.

In the example we showed in an earlier guest post, it took about two months for that author’s newsletter to get 50 subscribers.

Ours did it in about 48 hours.

Wednesday morning we had over 60 subscribers in our “soft” rollout and we’ll be at 100 soon. Early subscribers will benefit from better gifts, too. If you haven’t signed up yet, it’s a chance to get insights I can’t share here on the blog, among other things. (Click HERE to subscribe now.) If you subscribed, thank you! Please refer some friends.

Meanwhile, the author of the guest post? After about six months he had…

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