Rave Reviews Book Club Wants You – #RRBC

Congrats, John, on your #RRBC anniversary. I also highly recommend #RRBC. Since joining April 2015, my twitter follows has risen from 500 to 2,510. My book that was book of the month in August (3 chosen each month) went from about 6 reviews to 29 and was #14 in Amazon ranking during that time. Rave Reviews Book Club is the most supportive book club anywhere that I’ve found, and I’ve belonged to quite a few in the past. They support authors and the members support each other like no other.

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a book-club-badge-suggestion-copy-1Anniversary Badge Year 1

As you may know, I am a member of the Rave Reviews Book Club. What you may not know is the reason I joined and what the Club has meant to me. Let me clear these last points up.

I joined Rave Reviews Book Club to become associated with like-minded writers who were interested in promoting each other’s work. At the time, I looked at some organizations and had made the decision not to associate myself with them due to what I considered unusual quid pro quo requirements.

By quid pro quo, I’m referring to the practice of following each other if followed, reviewing each others books if reviewed and other scratch my back, and I’ll scratch yours kind of programs. At the time, these practices seemed a little shady to me and so I passed.

Then I had a chance to read a blog by an RRBC member and…

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