Weekly Writing Tip 3

The Written Word Remains...

Deconstruct a favorite book.

Books are magical things, aren’t they? As writers, we love to stumble upon a book that we find “magical.” But as authors, we know that there is so much more to a book than first appears.

That’s why “Deconstruct a Favorite Book” is the tip this week, and it’s something that I am guilty of not doing often enough.

Pick up one of your favorite books.

It could be a classic, a mystery, a young adult, a dystopian, anything. But it will be easier if you keep it on the shorter side.

Now read it. And as you read, pay attention to those defining moments every book has: hook, inciting event, pivot points, midpoint, climax, resolution. If you aren’t sure what those are, check out my previous article on it, or for a more in-depth look, K.M.Weiland’s series here.

As an author, you should notice…

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