Sharing Artist – Sue Fulton

Laura Macky Photography

The other day I was viewing images on some new friends’ Facebook pages and ran across Sue Fulton.  I think one of my first comments on her images was “OMG!”.  (Eloquent eh???)   I couldn’t help myself because her work is like eye candy to me.  What speaks to me the most is the different intensities or colors and how they interrelate.  The texture she adds is also something that really works well in her imagery.  I think her work is fantastic so I asked her if she’d like to share her work on my blog and she was gracious enough to accept.

Below is a short interview and a collection of her bird art.  I hope you enjoy her work as much as I do.  If you feel like viewing more of her work, please click here for her Facebook link or here for her website.

1) What part of the world do…

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