Do you need help Tweeting your blog?

Jean's Writing

I do!

And without Tweetdeck I would’ve been lost over the holidays.

At times I had 5 grandchildren sleeping over, and a house overflowing with fun and holiday cheer. So there was little time to Tweet out in a timely manner to my peeps out in Tweetdom. But I hated the thought of leaving them out in the cold for two entire weeks.

Thank you TweetDeck!

And Thank youHashtags!

Learning to Twitter – Part 1

Posted by Solveig Werner

This post is filled with great tips on using TweetDeck and a terrific list of hashtags

Some of my favorites are #amwriting, #writing, #blogging, and #blogger. Do you have a favorite hashtag you use?

hashtag-1120301_640One new thing I’ve started doing is setting up tweets to go out, via TweetDeck, of older posts. Why? Because new people are joining Twitterevery day. 

Hey, I’m into recycling, aren’t we…

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