Scrivener—everything in one application?—You lie!

The Long and Short Stories of Life

Harried writerI began using Scrivener Writing Software about a month ago. Frustrated with trying to assimilate random files including pictures, notes, audio, and text, I ached for a better way.

My thoughts were scribbled in notebooks, on the backs of envelopes, and in various MS Word docs. Consequently, when I sat down to work, I’d pull every scrap of paper out, spread them around me, open my Word files, and try to figure it all out. I kept thinking that there had to be a better way.

Writer, P. H. Solomon, a member of Rave Reviews Book Club (RRBC) and  published author, had touted Scrivener software on his blog. When he announced that App Sumo was offering Scrivener for a shamefully awesome price, I followed the link from his blog to Scrivener’s website (Literature and Latte) where I purchased it. Then, I let it sit in limbo.

A couple of months after the purchase…

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