Plan Those Scenes

The Novel Fixer

Most writers (maybe not most, but certainly many) cringe when they hear the words “PLAN” and “OUTLINE”.

“Writing is an art,” they’ll say. “Don’t limit your creativity!”

“We shan’t be bounded by the chains of capitalist planning!” The more Shakesperian ones will add.

Now, these are all valid arguments, but I’m one to think that knowing where you want to go with your story and how you will get there is effing important. 

Plus, it will save you a shi**load of time on re-writes.

Think of it this way: When you cross a road, you intend to reach the other side, usually by walking with your own two feet. And so it is with writing: You need to know where and how.

That’s why I use a basic scene planner. You can download my simple template below. This is not a work of my own, these sheets have been used for writers since I don’t…

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