How to Keep the Spinach Out of Your Book

Dan Alatorre

Dan's pic Your humble host.

As the comments from beta readers for Poggibonsi came in, one struck me as exceptionally productive—a lot more like a good critique than the other betas, and full of valuable input and observations.

I started chatting with its writer, and come to find out, she’s an editor! That explains a lot!

Julia Willson is probably not what most writers think an editor is like. She’s not a mean, nasty old guy with a cigar who sits behind a wood desk in a dingy office somewhere, growling every two or three minutes as he reads a manuscript, then going out at lunch to kicks puppies.

Uh, no. Julia is none of those bad things.

She has a fun, friendly demeanor and is extremely supportive, offering just the right amount of direction, suggestion, and hand holding. You’ll see her personality here, because I’ve asked her to do a few…

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