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Jo Robinson

This past week has been kind of life-changing. What happened in Paris has obviously changed the whole world, just as 9-11 did. Can’t just ignore it and go back to zooming around the bloggerverse. I just hope that we don’t look back at this time as the beginning of some rather bigger ending. I also hope that these insane murderous cowards get stopped in their rotten tracks once and for all, and that peace and love returns to the hearts of those so hurt in France and everywhere else too. My heart hurts for all humanity that any of us are even able to consider, let alone perpetrate such evil. Shameful, shameful.
After the initial shock, sadness set in. Sadness and disappointment. I’m not generally pro-violence, but sometimes maybe evil really does need to be violently excised. That kind of evil doesn’t deserve to live in my book. How to…

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