Kindle Unlimited KENP Read for September, 2015


Image from ShutterStock. Image from ShutterStock.


Good news, I think:

Kindle Unlimited paid $0.00507 per KENP read for September, 2015.

That’s just over half a penny per page.

Why is this good news?

Because in August, 2015, Kindle Unlimited paid $0.00514 per normalized page read.

We now have two consecutive months with only a very slight change in the Amazon payment for pages read.

Recall that the payment for July was somewhat higher: $0.00580.

When July’s $0.00580 dropped to August’s $0.00514, I was concerned with this 11% drop.

I was worried about stability.

But with September’s $0.00507 roughly matching August’s $0.00514, I see prospects for stability.

It’s still early. We only have three months of data for the new Kindle Unlimited payout.

But we do have a year of data for the previous Kindle Unlimited payout, along with a few years of payouts for Amazon Prime…

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