Review: “When Darkness Breaks” by Traci Sanders

About The Author

Author and mother of three, Traci Sanders has been composing poetry, songs, and children’s stories since the young age of ten. In 2003, she opened her home to young children in her community offering “beyond the basics” teachings. In 2008, she was recognized by the Child Care Resource and Referral Agency as Family Childcare Provider of the Year and was featured in two local newspapers.

In 2010, she furthered her education by earning her Child Development Associates degree and was a recipient of the FIRST (First Incentive for Raising Standards among Teachers) Award presented by the Child Care Commissioner of her state. She continues to shape the young minds of the future through her home-based childcare program. Her daily interactions with these children provide constant inspiration for her writing and she plans to continue on this path until her story has reached “The End.”

Traci has two goals in writing books–to help people and/or to make them feel something. To date, she has published five books, including her latest foray into adult fiction titled, ‘When Darkness Breaks’. She is an avid reader and writer, and finds inspiration all around her.

Currently Traci is writing her second adult novel, a light paranormal romance, titled ‘UNSEVERED’.

Please visit Traci’s blog: A Word With Traci
Follow Traci on twitter: @tmsanders2014

About The Book

Local news anchor, Amber Woods, seemed to have it all – a thriving career, two beautiful children, and a doting husband named Drake. Life was perfect…until her world was turned upside down in one fateful night.

While the incident caused Amber to renew her priorities; Drake was unable to deal with what happened, and sank into a deep depression laced with infidelity and alcohol.

Hoping a change of scenery would salvage her quickly deteriorating marriage, Amber agreed to move to New York; but it didn’t take long for her to discover that the past is not always left in the past.

Can Amber save her marriage without losing herself along the way? What will she do when darkness breaks her will to keep trying?

My Review

Truly Heartbreaking, Yet Uplifting Story

As the story unfolded, I found myself asking two questions: What makes a strong woman? Is it the woman who stays in a bad marriage waiting for it to turn around, or is it the woman who doesn’t take any crap, leaves, and starts her life over. Before reading “When Darkness Breaks,” I would’ve said the latter. However, Amber is a strong woman to whom I can relate, and I think anyone who has been married, husband or wife, especially those in a bad marriage can.

When a marriage is damaged, for whatever reason, it is both hard to walk away and yet, it is hard to stay. One person’s answer may not be another’s. Amber fought for a marriage she knew had been good and with some faith and effort it could be great again.

I feel this is a well-written story that at times can break your heart, but in other times, lifts you up. It gives you faith. Once you start reading, you will not want to put it down and could very easy keep you glued to your seat and reading until the very end.

Get “When Darkness Breaks” here.

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