Behind the Mask. How my research for ‘Progeny Of A Killer’ took me to jail.


J.M. Shorney

progeny of a killerThe sentence wasn’t lengthy, merely a couple of hours, although I wish it had been longer. I would have loved to have spent the night. I have never visited such a place that held so much sorrow and tragedy as Dublin’s Kilmainham gaol. I knew I wanted to include it in my novel. In Progeny Of A Killer, Danny Corrigan is the son of a deceased IRA man who vows revenge on the British refers to the gaol to Aidan McRaney – who is also Irish – as McRaney is sent into to infiltrate Corrigan’s lair.

“You ever see the solitary black cross in Kilmainham?”

“Sure I saw it. When I was a kid. But I didn’t understand. I just didn’t understand.”

I had to admit the memory of visiting Kilmainham, of seeing the black cross over the solitary mound, had given me nightmares. It was the fear that those…

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